Youth advisory board

Jodie Porteous

beauty, fashion, lifestyle & mental health vlogger

jodieRecognised on YouTube and across social media as Just Jodes, Jodie widely known for her down to earth and relatable fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, with a following of over 200,000.

An advocate for mental health, Jodie speaks openly about eating disorder recovery & has accomplished a connection with thousands of viewers worldwide.

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George David Hodgson

fashionpreneur, public speaker and mental health activist

george-hodgsonIn 2014 he founded the award-winning fashion label ‘Maison de Choup’ out of his severe anxiety and OCD episode. The brand has been recognised by the likes of Vanity Fair, which referred to Maison de Choup as ’The Fashion Brand with a Mental Health Cause at its Heart’. He also delivers public speeches in schools, colleges and universities on his story to inspire the younger generation about positive mental health and that there is always light at the end to the tunnel.

After recovering from his severe Anxiety & OCD he is passionate about helping young sufferers with mental health issues and encouraging them to open up and talk about their mental health.
You can find out more here: WebsiteJournal | Twitter

Rachael Webster

singer and songwriter

rachael_websterRachael is an up-and-coming acoustic singer/songwriter from Derbyshire UK. She mainly performs her captivating and soulful original songs all over the North of England.

Over the two and a half years that she has been gigging, Rachael has performed at festivals such as Tramlines, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Barnsley Pride. She has also played on local radio stations as well as at gigs in popular music venues.

Rachael has a real passion for mental health. She wants to help others who have mental health issues or those with loved ones who are suffering, as she has had very close experiences with both. You can gain some insight into her some of her experiences through her music.

Rachael gets inspiration from a lot of different genres of music – from country right through to metal and hard rock. Her lyrical influences come heavily from artists such as Julien Baker, Dodie and Fleetwood Mac – making her lyrics deep and thought provoking.

You can find out more here: Facebook | Youtube

Daniel Khajenouri

mental health ambassador

Daniel3Daniel is a finance undergraduate, currently studying at university in London, and is on track to receive first class honours. His inspiration to get involved in the mental health cause derives from his personal experience, friends, and family.

Besides being an ambassador, Daniel also serves as a member of our youth advisory board. He intends to create a tangible difference and become involved in reducing mental health injustices by participating in campaigns and representing the foundation in the media.

Talullah Self

mental health campaigner and film-maker

TalullahTallulah is a young mental health campaigner and film-maker. After her own mental health struggles, she decided to use her passion for film as a platform to raise awareness, create conversation and challenge stigmas on mental health. Her films have gained mainstream media attention – appearing on Channel 5 News and becoming the subject of the most read article in the U.K. on the BBC News website. She looks forward to continuing her campaign work with a number of projects she’s currently working on, and is excited to become a youth ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation.