Tana Macpherson-Smith

tanamTana is CEO of Clear Minds who specialise in workshops and coaching aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of young people in the UK and Europe.

Tana offers:

• Half and whole day training sessions
• Presentations and workshops for parents/ adults, related to childrens’ mental health
• Workshops for children and young people
About Tana:

Tana’s workshops are delivered to schools, parents, children, teachers and families as well as offering
motivational speaking.

Tana is also willing to speak about her own journey with mental illness to any audience at all, as well as offering half and whole day training sessions for teachers on mental health and wellbeing, helping them recognise signs and symptoms of mental illness.

The course teaches the importance of self-care and the impact of stigma and how to break it down within schools. It provides a host of tools to enhance students’ mental wellbeing. Tana also runs presentations and workshops for parents related to children and teenagers’ mental health and wellbeing. They can run for two days or six week (2 hours per week). Topics include issues.

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