Supporting independent documentaries on mental health

Our Standing Up To Suicide – The Reclaim Life Project has pledged to reverse the suicide rate in both the UK and USA, saving lives through a variety of measures to help people access greater support for mental health problems. More than that, this once-in-a-generation movement aims to achieve a societal shift, promoting a culture that protects people’s mental health.

We understand the power of video and of social media to help achieve changes in attitudes. More than anything, we recognise the importance of telling powerful, newsworthy human-interest stories that viewers will watch and share, and that our platform partners will carry and promote.

We will help give a voice and new hope to people around the world.

The Shaw Mind Foundation has a mutually philanthropic relationship with Trigger Press Productions. Alongside Trigger Press Productions, The Shaw Mind Foundation will be producing and distributing an initial set of three powerful and entertaining documentaries, each standing up to suicide in a different way. The films will feature expert contribution from Lauren Callaghan, who offers her professional perspective.

Please take a look at this short film produced by Trigger Press Productions, telling Adam’s story.


madword trailerAlongside commissioning our own documentaries, The Shaw Mind Foundation is Executive Producer for the forthcoming short, animated film by Mordue Pictures called Mad World.

Mad World talks to five individuals diagnosed with a form of mental illness, and to health professionals who provide valuable insight into their conditions.

In the confusion and controversy that surrounds mental health, the hunt for answers continues.