Are you thinking about harming yourself,
or suicide?

You are not alone

It is likely that you have made your way onto this page as you are currently in the midst of a crisis and you need support. It is important to know that you are not alone and that feeling suicidal now does not mean that it is the only option open to you. There are thousands of people worldwide who feel suicidal each year and go on to live happy and healthy lives.

It is not too late to get help if you have already harmed yourself

If you have already harmed yourself, or have taken steps to end your life, but would like to talk to someone or have changed your mind, we would urge you to act as soon as possible; it is not too late to get help.

Casualty departments at your local hospital and the emergency services, as well as a number of charity phone services, will be able to assist and advise you at this time.

If you feel as though you may act on your suicidal feelings….

If you are feeling like you may act on your suicidal feelings then we implore you to seek immediate medical assistance. There are also a number of things you can do immediately which may help you add clarity to your thoughts.

If you can, try to reduce your risks of isolation. It is likely that you will be suffering from a low mood and therefore may have tried to cut yourself off from friends and relations.

As difficult as it may feel, we would encourage you to attempt to make contact with somebody who you can talk to. This may be a friend, a family member, a mentor or a number of charity helplines and services. Reducing this isolation will be helpful in reducing your risks. You should tell this person if you have taken any steps towards ending your life, so they are fully aware of the severity of the situation.

If you are feeling low and have access to dangerous equipment or if you have a large amount of medication then it is important to highlight these risk factors and where possible secure these away from yourself before an impulsive action can occur.

Your life matters

If you are reading this page, we want you to know your life matters. If you feel you need help, please reach out. Do not be ashamed of asking for help, everybody needs help sometimes and there will be a multitude of people waiting and wanting to help.

For further information and a list of help lines, please click here.

Download our free ‘Suicide Prevention’ guide

suicide-preventionWe have produced a free PDF guide on Suicide Prevention that you can download. This guide covers;

Suicide and suicidal thoughts

Groups most at risk of suicide

What you should do if you think that you are at risk of suicide

Where you can go for help

Helpline numbers

Download now.