Mental illness can affect anyone at any time, regardless of financial or geographical situations, which is why we care deeply about reaching out to people who may not have access to the support and information that they need.

In order to help us to do this, we are now offering corporate organisations the opportunity to add a little bit extra when they book a training course, or as a one-off donation, to help us to provide a bespoke training session or workshop to a school or small organisation of their choice*.

Contact us to discuss these options, let us know which school you wish to receive the training, and we will work with them to deliver it on your behalf. We will let them know you’ve sponsored the sessions too. It is crucial that we do everything we can to help children and young people benefit from better mental health education ahead of the government’s proposals in 2020, so that they can start to understand mental illness and seek the help and support that they need, now.

*Offer currently limited to UK schools and organisations only