Paul McGregor

paulmcPaul is a mental health advocate, author and Founder of MensFashion Magazine.

Paul talks about:

• Dealing with, and overcoming, depression
• Insight into dealing with the emotions that surround losing a loved one to suicide
• Advice on how to spot signs of mental illness, help them through it and how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing
About Paul:

Paul lost his Dad to suicide 9 years ago, a loss that was completely unexpected. On paper Paul’s Dad had ‘everything’, but very quickly fell into depression, was placed into a mental health unit and took his own life a few months after.

At 19, Paul personally struggled to deal with it; overworking, chasing “success” and distracting himself from the grief. And shortly after his Dads suicide, Paul too found himself in a dark place, suffering with depression and fearing he’d follow in his Dads footsteps. Luckily, he found a way to recovery, and now runs an online fashion magazine, lectures short courses at University Arts of London and has spoken openly about his story and mental health in the UK, US and Dubai.

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