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Meet our CEO

KateKate Majid joined The Shaw Mind Foundation in November 2017. Having previously worked for 32 years as a mental health nurse in the NHS, joining our team meant stepping out of her comfort zone and starting something completely new.

Kate strongly believes in the foundation’s ethos and has dived straight into her role to help drive us forward, achieve our goals, and help those struggling as a result of mental illness.

“32 years ago, I stepped into the world of psychiatry to train as a mental health nurse. This career choice was partly driven by my parents, who insisted that I “did something” and partly thanks to a national newspaper, which ran a recruitment campaign at the time calling for more people to train as psychiatric nurses. The campaign focused on a series of images produced by individuals who were experiencing psychosis. But there was one image that has always stayed with me: a powerful image, drawn by a young man to illustrate how he imagined his brain to work whilst experiencing a relapse of his psychosis, and which expressed chaos and distress. I wondered how difficult it must be for someone experiencing such internal struggles to face people who might be unable to connect with this experience. I decided I wanted to be involved in helping to make these connections
Kate and improve understanding of mental illness.

I joined The Shaw Mind Foundation as I wanted to continue helping people with mental health issues, but from a different perspective. The Shaw Mind Foundation’s passion and drive matched my own, and I felt as though this was where I needed to be in order to carry on fighting to change the way we speak about and treat mental illness.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with the fantastic team of people at The Shaw Mind Foundation, and I’m excited to be part of the amazing projects we are launching to change the face of mental illness for the better.”

Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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