This campaign designed to encourage people to open up and share their story, thus “Lifting the lid” on mental health stigma.

We want to get people involved by asking them to create a jar containing their own journey; things they have previously tried in order to recover, things they want to try doing in future to aid their recovery, and something that they want to achieve after their recovery, which they are currently unable to do due to mental illness. By asking people to decorate a jar as a vehicle to carry their story about mental health, we hope to build a wider conversation about mental illness and solutions.

This not only helps to encourage people to speak out openly, but also helps them to create their own action plan. Sometimes it can be extremely beneficial to write down our thoughts and feelings as it helps us to put them into perspective, allowing us to clear our heads and be able to focus properly on the next steps.

These notes will then go into the decorated jar, and pictures of the jars on display can be uploaded to social media using the #LiftingTheLid hashtag, or displayed in schools and workplaces by way of showing that they are open to having conversations surrounding mental illness, and that they will offer support to those struggling.

#LiftingTheLid is something that everyone can become involved in. Whether you’re an individual, parent, teacher or business owner, it’s something that you, your children, students or employees can take part and show the world that you are lifting the lid on stigma, for good.