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Award Winning Documentary Director Kate Blewett Becomes a Shaw Mind Ambassador

kate blewettThis International Women’s Day, it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Kate Blewett will become an ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation. Kate is an inspirational woman, whose work has had, and continues to have, a hugely positive impact on thousands of people across the world.

As our Foundation continues to focus on preventing mental illness and promoting good mental health through education, reducing stigma and providing services for those in need, Kate’s experience is an amazing addition to the charity.

Kate Blewett has an impressive 125 awards to her name for her work as a documentary director including; a BAFTA for Best Documentary, 6 US Emmy’s for Outstanding Achievement, the Monte Carlo UNESCO Special Jury Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. Alongside the accolades, Kate’s work has also forced change. Her work has led to the closure of institutes, orphanages, prisons, changed laws, released slaves, reduced the use of trafficked children in camel jockeying in the UAE and halted the US from trading cocoa beans with the Ivory Coast.

Kate said: “I am so very delighted to be an ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation. As a documentary filmmaker of some thirty years, I have been looking into, and following, our mental health issues in this country and there has never been a more important time to focus on how best to support our children and the next generation who struggle with the emotional demands and challenges of modern-day life. We need to understand mental illness and find truly effective ways to prevent the development of more and more young people living with debilitating mental health conditions.”

With a clear passion for raising awareness for mental health, her role as an ambassador will involve supporting the charity and being a public voice for those suffering in silence. As the Foundation continues to focus on the next generation, Kate added:

“It is deeply sad and worrying that so many young people today are suffering with mental health issues, that can be so overwhelming that it leads to their suicide. It’s all back-to-front that those who are at an age when they should be setting about being independent, young adults, instead feel their lives are simply not worth living. We need to work hard together to help prevent mental health conditions from developing and we need to support our young people like never before.”

Kate Majid, CEO of the foundation added: “I am so proud to welcome Kate to The Shaw Mind Foundation. She is an inspirational advocate for those who society often overlooks and, through her support, I believe that the foundation will continue to make a real difference to those people whose lives are affected by mental illness.”

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