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Jennifer Potter

jenpJennifer is a coach, speaker, author, and consultant. She specialises in wellbeing in the workplace and is founder of BraveSouls.

Jennifer offers:

•Recovery from sexual violence and the importance of consent and boundaries in healthy relationships
•Cultivating mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace and resilience and wellbeing as a leader of others
•How to avoid burn out
•Women in Leadership

About Jennifer:

Before establishing herself as a successful independent consultant, author and speaker, Jennifer worked as a senior leader in a FTSE 100 company for more than 15 years. Her work spans across business and marketing strategy, employee engagement and cultural change. Jennifer has a strong empathy for the demands of running organisations in today’s challenging environment and the importance of people’s health and team dynamics in that success.

Jennifer holds an awareness of how everything is connected and applies a whole person approach to her work with people. She has a deep empathy for the different stages of life and how systems can be as much of a challenge as the people within them. She will share her first hand experience of burn out which acted as a wake up call to consider her mental and emotional health as much as her physical health.

She is also a highly engaging and frank speaker on the topic of surviving sexual violence and the subsequent recovery required following a trial in the British justice system; a test of anyone’s resilience. She is passionate that young adults undertand consent and have the skills to know how to be in healthy adult relationship with another.

In addition to her development and coaching work, she is jointly responsible for holding and running a Resilience and Wellbeing Network in Yorkshire for organisations taking a proactive approach to supporting the wellbeing of their people.

As well as holding two degrees (one in Business Strategy and Marketing and the other in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture), and two diplomas, she is NLP qualified, DiSC certified and a seasoned Action Learning Facilitator.

She is author of Stronger, Braver, Wiser which was published in 2018, is an ambassador for IDAS charity, a Princes Trust Mentor and also works collaboratively with the not for profit On Road Media.

Outside of work you will find her in nature walking with her dog Murphy, researching wellbeing trends, redesigning her house, or enjoying food and culture with friends.

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