George David Hodgson

georgehGeorge is a mental health campaigner, public speaker and fashion

George talks about:

• Anxiety, OCD and recovery
• The effects of recreational substances and mental health
• The importance of speaking out about mental illness
About George:

George suffered from severe anxiety and OCD for 3 years, not being able to leave his bedroom and washing his hands 50-100 times per day, following an unfortunate festival experience with recreational substances. After being told he would have to wait 40 weeks to receive treatment from CAMHS his road to recovery started from receiving private help.

George is now in recovery and has the coping mechanisms in place to deal with his anxiety and OCD. He talks about his suffering, his recovery, how talking helped him, inspiring and encouraging young people to open up and talk about their own mental health. He also talks about how he used his anxiety to start an award-winning fashion brand, Maison de Choup.

He has appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC News with Hugh Pym, Radio 5 Live and he’s also been in numerous publications such as The Telegraph, Metro and Vanity Fair. George currently speaks at schools, colleges, universities and public events about his experience, and his story is very popular and resonates with a lot of young people.

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