Dan Keeley

dankDan is an Adventure-Runner, Speaker and Mental Health Activist.

Dan talks about:

• Bespoke talks about mental health awareness, based around his own personal experience with mental illness
• Talks about the importance of normalising conversations surrounding mental illness
• Signposting on where to find help and how to help someone you feel may be struggling
About Dan:

In 2012 Dan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2017 he ran 1250 miles (solo & self-supported) from Rome to London to share his story. Now he’s on a mission to empower the UK to speak up when we’re struggling so that together we can show future generation’s how it’s done.

Dan’s remarkable story includes a full-scale manic episode which led to him ‘preaching’ from the middle of a major motorway in Italy at rush hour, followed by time spent in psychiatric wards, 6 months of crippling depression which found him wanting to take his own life, then the long yet progressive journey of recovery back to the positive place you find him in today.

Now a prominent Mental Health Activist in the UK, Dan speaks publicly about his experiences whilst creating new & unique platforms such as ‘Rome To Home’ to normalise the conversation surrounding mental health issues and empower others to speak up when they’re struggling the most.

With his infectious energy, passion and enthusiasm, Dan prides himself on customising each talk and creating a deep and emotive connection with every audience he speaks to. Dan’s spoken with schools, conferences, festivals, businesses & events, on each occasion leaving the audience uplifted and inspired to take action when they’re struggling the most.

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