The Shaw Mind Foundation is proud to offer businesses the opportunity to receive a variety of exclusive consultations.

Our aim is to ensure that your mental health and wellbeing policies, procedures and strategies are in line with legislative requirements, and meet the needs of your organisation.

With three out of every five employees experiencing mental health issues at work, there has to be more we can do to support our workforce, and to enable the next generation to open up. But with 91% of managers agreeing that what they do affects the wellbeing of their staff, and only 58% of employees believing their manager is concerned about their wellbeing, there is clearly a vast discrepancy between what we know and what we do.

Mental health needs to be much higher up the agenda, and this requires a proactive awareness strategy that recognises both the damaging effects of poor mental health and the need for greater support within the workplace. This is where we help you, and your business, to better understand mental illness, and the ways in which you can help employees who may be struggling as a result.

We are perfectly placed to provide you with a comprehensive programme to help create awareness, as well as provide support and training for your organisation. We pride ourselves on the delivery of a bespoke package that includes an annual mental health policy check, a strategy development or refresh, a suicide pre- or postvention strategy, and a review of internal media (such as intranet). We can also give you the option to have our support in recognising what ‘reasonable adjustments’ means to your staff in order to implement it within your organisation. We specialise in being able to engage with staff in order to help shape a personal offer to your organisation as we know that one size cannot fit all!

We deliver packages based on the following engagement options:

• An expert review via remote access (including conference calling), a follow up summary report of findings, and recommendations on how you can implement effective and sustainable improvements within your organisation. You will also be awarded a personalised certificate from the foundation that recognises your willingness to support people with mental health difficulties.

• As above, except we will offer an expert in-house review that includes staff engagement, follow up summary reports and recommendations.

• As above, plus a bespoke training or speaker package, tailored to the needs of your organisation, to support your next steps. These sessions are delivered by our team of speakers and trainers, who are experienced in working alongside businesses to help educate and improve mental wellbeing within the workplace. They will work closely with you to ensure that they deliver exactly what you and your organisation need in order to maintain a positive working environment and help to improve productivity within your workplace.

For more information, or to receive a free, no obligation quote for your organisation, click here to email us.