Chris Young

chrisyChris is an ex social worker with a degree in psychology and a Masters in Social Work.

Chris talks about:

• Life with Borderline Personality Disorder and the difficulties he experiences, particularly dissociation.
• How childhood experiences of bereavement, neglect and sexual abuse have had a huge impact on his mental health in his adulthood
• The importance of looking beyond a person’s mental health, encouraging people to consider the impact an unfair society can have on their illness
About Chris:

In 2007, Chris was disabled out of the job he loved following a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Since then, he’s headed up a number of mental health campaigns including Walk a Mile in My Shoes, where he walked around the edge of the UK with no money, relying purely on the people he met on his way, challenging mental health stigma one conversation at a time. He also ran the #LetsWalkAMile campaign along with See Me Scotland.

His book Walk a Mile: Tales of a Wandering Loon was published in November 2017 and has been well received by mental health professionals, people with a lived experience of mental ill health, and the general public alike.

Chris has spoken at the British Psychological Society AGM, psychiatry CPD events, Scottish parliament and a number of universities. He has also spoken at schools and run workshops with students aged 14 and above. He also takes part in conferences and walking events. Chris has appeared on mainstream media, including national and local television and radio – including an appearance on the BBC Breakfast sofa with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, and local and national newspapers.

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