hubBreathe is a new initiative, created by The Shaw Mind Foundation, providing a safe space and resources for those who may be struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.


The first Breathe:Hub is based in Newark town centre and run by volunteers. It provides a physical space in the form of a coffee shop for individuals looking for support and information on mental health, access to books on mental health and signposting to mental health and wellbeing resources they can access in the local area.


Working with local volunteers, The Shaw Mind Foundation is expanding the Breathe programme into:


• Breathe:Youth
• Breathe:Create
• Breathe:Listening
• Breathe@Work


The Breathe:Hub incorporates all of the above and provides the central departure point for all aspects of the Breathe programme. We intend on replicating the Newark hub across the UK.


Breathe:Hub creates a permanent space for individuals to seek help and support relevant to their area – not all aspects listed above will apply to all areas, so we plan on working with local communities to find out what their mental health needs are, what volunteers we can engage and providing a “bespoke” hub in each area. This ensures that the services we provide are as effective as possible, whilst also ensuring maximum participation from local individuals in an efficient manner.


For more information on each of the programmes, click the icons below.

at work