Our Ambassadors

Stacey Gaunt

singer & song-writer

stacey gauntStacey says: “Mental health problems are so prevalent today and my own awareness of it, particularly within the entertainment industry, is continually increasing. I’ve witnessed the positive affects, on a very personal level, that actively speaking about mental health can create.

In working with The Shaw Mind Foundation, I’d like to help raise awareness through my music to set a positive example, particularly to my son, that you can help others by doing the things you are passionate about.

Such a fantastic work is already being achieved and I’m excited to be a part of something so very worthwhile.” You can hear Stacey’s latest song, Down and watch the video, here.

Matthew Cowley

racing car driver & mental health activist

matt-cowleyMatthew is a young, UK racing car champion. He was easily distracted from school work, and this became a real issue with his post 16 education. Course work was good, but issues with focus affected exam performance. To overcome these exam issues, Matthew changed to study an engineering course through distance learning, allowing him to combine education with his passion and skill for racing cars. Both in and out of a race car Matthew has significant focus. Whilst continuing with his distance learning studies, he is currently racing cars in the USA and leading the championship on the first step of the ladder of what he hopes will be a career in motor racing.

Matt is very passionate about mental health and helping those who suffer. “Promoting The Shaw Mind Foundation and their work through my racing gives me the opportunity to help raise awareness of the wide ranging support there is available to those with mental ill health”. Find out more.

Domenique Fragale

actress, model, writer & mental health activist

Domenique-Fragale“Mental health is something I hold close to my heart. Working in the creative industry, a lot of pressure is placed on performers every day; building anxiety and internal suffering. Having close friends who battle with depression and losing some to the torment is something I do not want anyone else to have to go through on their own, again…”
Find out more


Holly Siddall

osteopath & mental health activist

holly siddallHolly is an internationally recognised Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist based in London; specialising in the effects of prolonged stress on the body. She talks to patients on a daily basis about the strong link between mental and physical health, and its bearing on pain thresholds. Recently she held a breakfast at the Ivy Chelsea Garden to raise awareness about mental health and continues to organise events to promote positive mental wellbeing and #silencethestigma.


Frances Shillito

international celebrity makeup artist & mental health speaker

frances shillitoBorn and raised in Henley-on-Thames, Frances trained as a makeup artist before becoming a public speaker and influencer in 2016, focusing on pro-recovery and eating disorder awareness. When she was 15 her anorexia took full hold, but after achieving her goal of attending makeup school, she made it her mission to help others see that recovery is possible and that their dreams can come true. Through her public voice and social media, she shares how her life is now after recovery. She seeks to shine a light on the seriousness of eating disorders, tackling stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental ill health.

Frances says: “I am honoured to be a part of The Shaw Mind Foundation, helping them to lift the lid on mental health stigma. My work is incredibly fulfilling, and the louder our voices, the more people we can help!”

Sarah Everest

healthcare professional & mental health advocate

sarah everestI have spent over 18 years working in healthcare across many sectors gaining a wealth of skills and experience which I will use in my role as Ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation. I will use my commissioning and commercial knowledge to support this foundation to grow, particularly in managing tenders, developing partnerships with the NHS and healthcare providers and connecting people at The Shaw Mind Foundation through my networks. I will also (occasionally!) challenge myself to do activities such as the Great North Run to raise awareness and money for this fantastic charity.